36 , Barcelona

Eduardo Varas Fenoy


education & research
february/may 2012 Graduate Project Territory MPU.UPC The Territoy Project Workshop (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
july 2011 Walden 2.0_XI BIAUX X Coacan Arquitecture Workshop(Santander)
july 2010 Research Workshop "Delirious Rapanui" Workshop on turism and territory around Easter Island
september 2009/july 2010 Master in Theory and Practice of Arquitectural Design Dissertation within the line the Modern Form(Barcelona) "Lafayette Park, Escalas de Proyecto"
july 2009 Architect for the ETSAB (UPC) The Territoy Project Workshop (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
september 2007/july 2008 Facoltá di Architettura di Firenze Erasmus European Exchange
september 2001 Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona
work experience
november2010/now DAW Architecture Workshop Development of executive projects and competitions
december · february 2010 Joan Pascual i Ausió SLP Development executive project "Escuela Pericot" (GISA)
november2009 Codinachs ArchitectsColaboration project "Al Etihad Comercial Tower"
december 2008/february 2009 CCRS Arquitectos Colaborative grant project"ARE el Poqui, Manelleu"
november 2008 ETSAB Team member editor MPGM rating of the 22@ for the city hall of Barcelona
october 2006/september 2007 García i Gasull SCP Development executive project "Escuela Pericot" (GISA)
april 2005/february 2006 Mercè Sans Alfonso ArchitectCollaboration gran ton basic projects
february/april 2012 Badel Block Competition (Zagreb)
december 2011 VPO Competition Nuestra Señora de los Angeles nº1 (Madrid)
april/june 2010 Rome City Vision Competition(Roma)
april/june 2010 Cultural Center Competition in Hernani (Hernani)
Català, English, Español, Italiano