Private house
4,516 m2
Inca, Mallorca (Spain)
Open competition
workshop team:

David García Martínez, Antón Chacártegui Carbó

Miquel Angel Cantallops


We bet for the use of public space as such, generator of activities emanating from the relation with the edification. For this reason, we want to create a commercial and professional activities ground floor to breathe life into the urban space. We believe we must avoid the constructive models that generate bedroom cities, in which it is needed to take the car to go shopping and which propose ground floor dwellings. Who wants to live in a ground floor?
The project intends to weave the different types of space -public, semipublic and private ones- visually, without missing the essence of each one of them.

We propose the recovery of the public spaces that have historically worked well in the Mediterranean cities. A space where the activities make the residents get closer.
The ground floor is close to the citizens, with mainly commercial uses facing the street, and also with small premises doing for studies or offices, with the intention to generate a multidisciplinary of activities that enriches citizens' lives. We find it important to move the ground floor back to give width to the sidewalks.

A dwelling is created with an access through a large corridor drilled space of 4m from 3m patios that help to illuminate and ventilate the dwellings overlooking the main façade. The space contains the access gateway to the housing, a sort of access bridge-terraces to main housing facing the main façade.
When this space arrives to a façade it is wary with the street, creating an open patio that embraces the trees on the street, helps to give privacy and of course helps to control the radiation.
The interior courtyard is presented to generate a free/green space that provides an open-air place of relationship, both for the building residents and the whole neighborhood, with the intention to solve the lack of open spaces of the area.
The proposal aims to turn what it's built into a pleasant thing, not only habitable, since we live for a short time, at least let's have some quality of life.