Public buildings
6,385 m2
Alaior, Balearic Islands (Spain)
Open competition
2nd prize
workshop team:

David García Martínez, Estudio Stefano Cortellaro

Miquel Angel Cantallops, Pablo Serna García Conde

Anna Vulart

Architectural integration and adaptation to the characteristics of the place:
As a response to the conditions of the lot and the programme -urban environment, relation with the free space, climate and orientation, urban parameters- a compact building is proposed, with a single hall and a staircase core for each phase developed around a patio, a space with similar features and dimensions to Alaior's historic core. The access is placed at the southwest corner, where the building bursts generating an exterior porch with double height that visually communicates the public space, the hall and the central patio. An analysis of the environment leads us to propose, as a substantial improvement but not indispensable for the functioning of the proposal, that the Police building -currently planned for the west parcel- should be built in the parcel qualified as ELP to north, with more regular dimensions, thereby enabling the construction of a square in front of the new Bit Center visually connected with the patio.

Internal consistency of the proposal, functionality and adaptation to the programme:
The programme is developed in one basement floor and three floors above ground; the ground floor respects the distribution of the first and second floors and opens the central patio to the access of the building. The solution adopted presents the spaces for companies on the north, east and south facades, and some of them in the interior patio, guaranteeing the natural lighting and the offices' privacy.

The common services of Menorca Bit Center (restaurant-cafeteria, classrooms and auditorium or multi-purpose room) take up the body of the west façade, open to the square, the interior patio and connect directly with the hall and the main communication core of the building.

The horizontal circulation space, articulated from each floor's hall, has been treated like a central street with natural lighting, crossed views over the patio and expansions in the presence of the hall and the staircase core of the phase 2.

According to the functional programme, 4 office typologies: type A of 27m2 (27 units), type B of 32m2 (27 units), type C of 35m2 (14 units) and type D of 42m2 (15 units). These surfaces can be easily redistributed depending on the needs, given the high flexibility of the space planned in the project. The floor -1 is set aside for parking, warehouses for companies and installations.