Public buildings
4,050 m2
Calvià, Balearic Islands (Spain)
Open competition
workshop team:

David García Martínez, Estudio Stefano Cortellaro

Miquel Angel Cantallops, Eduardo Varas Fenoy, Fillipo Di Vitto

Mònica Blasco, arqueóloga y museóloga, Eleonora Sisinna, Adrián Bedoya.

The museum, which we conceived as an element of relation between the access and the extraordinary natural landscape of Parc del Puig de Sa Morisca, is a singular building, respectful with the environment and with the topography of the place, to which it adapts organically.
The integration with the landscape, the adaptation to the relief, the respect for ancient paths and the adaptation to a versatile functional programme have been the main objectives of the proposal, which conceives the building as a museum, a cultural and didactic equipment and a crossing and information point preceding the visit to the archaeological park which it provides services to.
Therefore, all the parts of the museum are articulated around a large open-air hall protected from the sun, which follows the route of the existing paths.
The shapes of the green roof blend with the environment and give rise to an elevated route that generates different points of view over the archaeological park.
The building is designed so that it easily supports the enlargement of spaces and installation if it was necessary in the future.

Parts in the context of the museum are articulated around the exterior hall, a space that solves also the access to the park for visitors.
The bar, the shop and toilets -thought to be operative in conjunction with the auditorium when the museum and the park are closed- are placed in contact with the access square, where the viewpoint ramp that leads to the green roof starts from. The reception, protected from the sun by the library's volume, is located in the place with the maximum control over the exterior hall, the park access, the showrooms and the auditorium, minimizing the presence of center's staff.
The internal level programme is presented in the basement and in the three-storey building on the south facade, directly linked with the basement.