Private house
1,734 m2
Santanyí, Balearic Islands (Spain)
Open competition
workshop team:

David García Martínez, Antón Chacártegui Carbó

Miquel Angel Cantallops, Jordi Azpeleta Tarancón


We propose a solution that tries to expand the public space in front of the site, ceding it as a square, and generating below an underground car park with public and private parking spaces of the project. This will change the road alignment in order to solve the encounter with the neighboring facade, which was wedge-shaped.

The narrowness or absence of sidewalks, the discontinuity of the alignments between the site and the one adjacent to the east, and the proximity of the warehouse across placed the street, trigger the need to create a space-square.

square facade
The facade facing the square is composed of pivoting blades that allow privacy of the houses facing the square. The inside-outside transparency that occurs through the slatted blinds placed after the terraces overlooking the square is observable. The houses get a collection area, exterior and to the north, of great freshness for the hottest days of summer times.

facade interior gardens
The rear facade is made of sliding slats to protect the rooms of the houses with a southern exposure.

basement floor parking
With a single basement the public parking spaces -under the square- and private ones -below the building- are solved.
The elevators under the houses have direct access to them, and the elevator core and staircase connects to the public space. 12 private parking spaces to cover 1 space per house and 19 public ones.

ground floor
The ground floor has the access to housing from the new square. Dwellings placed on the ground floor are raised 60cm from the square's ground level, to give them privacy. Slats treatment in their facade will complete solving this issue. These houses have 2 double rooms, facing the interior façade and one full bathroom, living room and kitchen facing the square.

housing type floor plant
The first and second floor form the standard house. In the same way of dwellings on the ground floor, they have the slats treatment on the façade to give them privacy. Houses solved with 2 double rooms facing the interior facade and one full bathroom, living room and kitchen facing the square.

third floor deck
The roof floor is only for installations maintenance. The installations fitting on the roof is planed and then they are distributed on the communications cores.

The finish will be made of local soil with the intention of providing a good thermal mattress for the upper floors and integrate if possible the roof with its surroundings.