Other Designs
Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Restricted competition
1st prize
workshop team:

David García Martínez, Antón Chacártegui Carbó

Kiko Tous Berga

The project involves the design of the elements of a claim for the stations of the L1 subway's line in Palma. Elements that may do for indicators and localizers of the accesses and the line.
The initial design element was an access portico used both as a gradual transition element between the underground and the surface world. Basically it is a marquee formed by two triangular inclined planes that performs as a sun and rain protector. This protection occurs through z-shaped slats that sieve the light and collect rainwater and channel it down to a drain.
The piece attempts to occupy the minimum space as possible to generate the minimum barriers and obstacles in the public space. To achieve this, it is only supported by two pillars placed in opposite corners of the subway entrance, generating thereby an access door.
We used this marquee to mark and localize the underground openings and, setting them together, to form the surface stations.
During the designing process we were asked for a much smaller element of claim. This element of claim starts on the structure of the marquee. We use the pillar and a piece of its cantilevered beam. We call this piece a signaling pillar.
Both projects are presented as an origami exercise resulting from the metal bending. That is why we call it 'metaloflexia', origami made with metal. Furthermore, these elements are understood as a continuation of the signage project in Palma's subway, so with respect to its image; in its shapes, color and lines are related with the logo of the metro, and the elements inside stations, forming a general uniform and coherent image of the Palma's Subway.