Public buildings
540,000 m2
Hong Kong Island (China)
call for ideas
workshop team:

David García Martínez

Paula Alamán Herbera, Joan Centellas Jimenez

The Skyscraper is conceived starting from a constructed block of 80x80x350 metres, which is subtracted by modular parts to achieve public spaces related with the built space. Those subtractions are made in order to get other necessities such as get solar radiation, put the public spaces in contact with the views, permit a cross ventilation.

Exist a continuity of the public spaces coming from the park and the different streets generating a vertical street, which is accompanied by squares and public spaces in the different levels of the skyscraper.

The relation between the square metres of the built spaces and the free urban spaces is around 50% each one, due to powering the lifestyle in contact with the pedestrian street and he urban squares as a places to develop the activities for a self-sufficient community.

The skyscraper has three centralized nucleuses in order to solve the supplies and the elevation of the people and cars coming from the street and connecting straight the city and each vertical public space. The car elevators serve the northern facade where the parking is located.
The access is produced in two levels. By car from the level in contact with the roads and streets, and by cycle or walking connecting the exterior spaces of the building with pedestrian bridge.

Its nearness from the water and the park has been taken to immaterialize the building putting a step in the water and creating a different number of activities in relation with the leisure.