Public spaces
0.80 ha
Genova, Balearic Islands (Spain)
Restricted competition
1st prize
workshop team:

David García Martínez, Antón Chacártegui Carbó

Jordi Azpeleta Tarancón


When going through the coastline between Palma and Portals there are three reminders of the presence of urban development that the whole coast has suffered due to the construction of hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants, supermarkets... they show they are standing there by the long shadows they cast on the street. The desire to see the coast between the cracks and gaps that buildings leave, which requires a lot of imagination and driving skills, since the chances are very few.
The project proposed aims to free the coast from one of those black spots. Uto Oalace hotel has not only a brutal impact on the coast, but it also projects a huge shadow over the rear street and the second line sea, a mass of 14 meters that looks and enjoys the sea, a look owned by everyone, or this is as it should be. The proposal presented will be carried out in three phases. A first phase of Uto release, the recovery of the pines, and the final one to contact with the sea.
space release
The demolition of the Uto hotel would become a point of relief along the road between Palma and Sant Agustí, an important point, because the corner formed by it is located in the end of the 'camí de Gènova a Sant Agustí'. Just the fact of freeing the lot constructively generates a public space facing the sea and the slope of which is an invitation to approach.
recovery of the pine forest
Along the coast, and especially in the area that concerns us, there are green spaces with pines in danger of extinction. Spaces that with each passing day are harder to find to have a pleasant swim and enjoy the shadow cast by pines. In the project a pine forest is placed on the upper levels of the intervention that will give back to the seafront reminiscent of what it was in the past.
Using a slight ramp and in a zigzag way, the 20-meter gap between the line of the street and the sea is solved. This creates a promenade accompanying the land retaining walls and generates urban spaces of relationship between the population. Along the promenade, there are restaurants and bars of public property that by concessions breathe life into the day and night life of the new promenade with sea views. The promenade ends at the sea, where it generates a swimming space located between land and sea.
between land and sea
The contact of the project with the sea comes from the generation of three natural pools. The lines of the intervention leave loopholes and areas that are between land and sea, to enjoy swimming and sunbathing.
The project aims to improve the environment from the perspective of the impact on the coast, and create a space for leisure and relationship that raises the quality of life in the area. A project that, with a quiet intervention, breaks the speculation and goes together with the natural resources.